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Hangzhou D&h Textile Co., Ltd.
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Prodotti principali: Con cappuccio Coperta, I Bambini Con Cappuccio Coperta, Coperta di Panno Morbido Accappatoio, Coperta Indossabile, Plaid, Abbigliamento
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Keiros was great. He gave us all the information and help we needed to get our order confirmed. The products were also excellent and of very high quality. Would 100% recommend.
    seller tried to charge me for shipping costs due to their mistake. I refused and said they need to pay it, the reluctantly agreed, and then told me they never want to do business with me again. products are of acceptable quality. some fraying of embroidery, zips are low quality and catch all the time. Other than that, happy for the price. would have liked to make another larger order, and some improvements to quality, as these have flown out, but this company don’t want to do business again due to their own mistakes. I’ll look elsewhere.

      Risposta del fornitore:

      This order was originally shipped by sea, but in order for you to receive the goods as soon as possible, we spent more costs to send it to you by express delivery. Then you asked us to pay you the customs duties, and we eventually agreed and paid you. We want to do business with good customers instead of constantly bullying us.We didn't have any profit from this order of 20 pieces of clothing, and we paid for express cost and customs duties. Resulting in a huge loss for us.
      04 Apr 2024
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      Stampa vivida, colore brillante e alta
      T-shirt da notte oversize bamboo women plus size camicia da notte per l'estate unisex luxury long bamboo accappatoio gift set # sleep tee
      Coperta con cappuccio indossabile da donna accogliente di fabbrica per l'inverno coperta con cappuccio oversize per animali adulti produttore sherpa # coperta con cappuccio
      La fabbrica personalizza la coperta di raffreddamento per felpe notturne coperta in pile per adulti coperta leggera in Nylon per chi dorme a caldo # coperta a 2 strati
      La fabbrica personalizza le coperte di raffreddamento in bambù per le traversine calde coperta leggera per arco estivo freddo per i viaggi # coperta di raffreddamento
      La fabbrica personalizza la coperta di raffreddamento per le traversine calde coperta estiva fresca di dimensioni doppie per la coperta di raffreddamento per adulti per l'estate # coperta di raffreddamento
      Coperta da tiro Boho Sherpa coperta natalizia King Size per l'inverno coperta da tiro azteca bohémien spessa King Size
      Taglia unica felpa con cappuccio gigante indossabile oversize natalizia stampata felpa con cappuccio coperta TV con cappuccio per adulti
      Coperta con cappuccio in flanella indossabile in pile con stampa di posizione personalizzata per bambini coperta oversize Sherpa per adulti indossabile
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